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How to Buy Hemp Flower the Correct Way

When it comes to buying hemp flower at wholesale prices, multiple factors should be considered. This process is very detrimental to whether or not your Hemp flower/ CBD business survives the test of time.

Legitimate Company

First and foremost, before you enter the business of buying a hemp flower, you must do extensive research on the company and the products that they sell. You must research each company that you are interested in because a business reputation travels a long way.

You should read reviews about the hemp flower wholesaler. The reports and data shouldn’t just come from their website because that’s their website; its purpose is to make them look incredible.

Try finding other companies that are partners or affiliated with the wholesaler brand that you are looking into. Most of the time, the people that individuals do business with universal share principles and interests, and sometimes that bleeds into the brand.

You have to be careful if you proceed to business with people whose values are different from you. Just remember to focus on the business of purchasing the hemp flower versus liking them individually.


The quality of the Hemp is essential as well. If the product is right, your business will be profitable and prosperous. If the condition is terrible, then that will reflect in your business as well.

It is a good thing to read reviews; however, the best way to test the quality is to sample the hemp flower that you are interested in selling. Not only should you try it, but you should also let someone else try it as well. The reason being you want to see if the product is consistent in different people. If the product isn’t good enough for you or the person who samples it with you or for you, then you should consider another product.


Another factor to consider when wholesaling is, has a product been tested? As well as, how is the product tested?

The reason testing is necessary is that in 2018 the law that made Hemp flower legal on a federal level states that hemp flower should contain no more than 0.3 percent of THC. Anything above that is illegal, and it can lead to fines, lawsuits, and the eradication of your business.

The government takes the testing of Hemp very seriously, and any violation of the laws and regulations can land a person in jail, as well as blackballed in the hemp industry forever. You must request to see lab results along with your product, just in case you find your self involved in a lawsuit or criminal case.

If that they sold you your product based on false information, that can help you get off the hook because you would have brought it under false pretenses.


The strand of Hemp flower that you purchase wholesale is important too. Not all strands are created equal, which is why you should check the quality of the hemp flower that you bought. This is also why testing is essential when it comes to the hemp flower as well. Different strands affect the body differently. This is very critical to you from a consumer standpoint and a business standpoint.

Strands are essential from a consumer standpoint because you may prefer the way one particular strand of hemp flower makes you feel. Remember why you like one strand more than another. Does one make your head feel more relaxed? Or does your body feel more comfortable? It is vital to remember those feelings just in case you have to self medicate.

From a business standpoint, the same goes for those who may purchase Hemp from you. Try different strands to see how it makes you feel and take notes you can explain to your future customer what to expect out of each strand. This shows them that not only do you offer a variety of strands but that you are also educated in the hemp flower strands that you provide.

If you want only to have a specific strand and different products made from that strand, that is ok as well. People like consistency when it comes to hemp flower, just make sure your wholesaler can keep up with the demands that are necessary to help your business stay afloat.

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