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Can You Sell Hemp Flower If You Buy Wholesale?

In 2018 the Farming Act of 2018 decriminalized the possession of hemp. This bill allowed hemp to be legal to farm, grow, and guess what else legal to sell. This was a big win for those who follow the cannabis industry because the plants in the cannabis family have been discriminated against for a while.

This bill allowed the hemp flower to no longer be classified as a Schedule I drug, allowing it to become legal to grow and sell by farmers, stores, and independent vendors. This bill also helped to create another billion-dollar industry, as well as to lower the incarceration rate significantly on a national scale.

Restrictions on Hemp Flower

Wholesale Hemp

Of course, like any other industry, there has to be a restriction to keep those in this industry in compliance with laws and regulations. These laws and regulations not only protect farmers and sellers but those who consume the hemp flower as well.

The first law and regulation that must be followed are that the hemp flower must be tested and come back that it contains no more than 0.3 percent of THC. This is the main rule throughout the United States of America because hemp is legal on a federal level, unlike its relative Marijuana plant. This ensures that those who consume the hemp flower through smoking, or digestion do not fail a drug test that can result in them losing their job or job opportunity. Or in more difficult situations, lose custody of their children or face legal punishment for using products that are full of THC.

How do I get my hemp flower

There are multiple ways for you to get your hemp flower. Below are some different ways to get your supply of Hemp flower.

The first option is for you to grow your own hemp flower. Though it sounds easy, there are a lot of documentations and legalities involved in this process.

There are background checks involved to make sure that the person is a law-abiding citizen. Then you have to provide proof that you can run a profitable farm. You also have to be able to secure legal transportation for your hemp flower harvest. As long as you can follow these steps, you’re not going to have any problems.

Growing your hemp flower may be too tedious for some people, so the next option is to build a relationship with a hemp farmer. By developing a relationship with a hemp farmer, you get the product straight from the source. With this method, you will have to find someone to test the potency to ensure that it is less than 0.3 percent THC. By being aware of this, the farmer is more likely to cut you a deal on the price.

The last option is to find a wholesaler who can sell you quality hemp flower at a reasonable price. By taking this route, you will save yourself a lot of headaches. This process is a lot more secure to you as a salesperson because the wholesaler has the product tested and ensures you that it has no more than 0.3 percent THC.

How to sell my hemp flower

When it comes to selling hemp, you have two main options sell in a store or go the online route.

Selling in a storefront gives a sense of security that you will have a place to keep your hemp stored properly. You can control the temperature of the store that will help to keep the hemp at quality value. Your clients will also know where to find you at all times, which is a great thing because they can also send you more clientele to your storefront. This option also gives the client a more intimate feeling with your products. They can examine it and actually get a chance to pick the product that they feel is best for them.

The second option is to open your store online. This allows you more freedom and the option to sell your products from home. This opens up your schedule to more things, such as time with family. And you only have to only focus on keeping the website and merchandise bills paid and your home bills paid. There is no additional stress to pay bills for another building, reducing your stress levels.

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