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A Passage to India - Recycling Today

April 1, 2003

Beginning in 1991, the Republic of India initiated a string of economic reforms that included tariff reductions, liberalization of foreign investment and exchange regimes, financial sector modernization and changes to monetary and fiscal policies. The cumulative effects of these policy changes have helped to make India a popular trade partner with the U.S.

According to the U.S. State Department, ferrous scrap and scrap metal are among America's chief exports to India, as are aircraft and parts, advanced machinery, fertilizers and computer hardware. In fact, the U.S. Commerce Department lists India, currently ranked as the United States 26th largest trade partner, as one of its "10 Big Emerging Markets." While this information is certainly encouraging, insufficient infrastructure and burdensome bureaucratic procedures hamper India's growth.

However, India still represents an emerging market for scrap materials, as long as exporters keep certain guidelines in mind.

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