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Sep 16, 2014

A-1 Announces Appointment of Rajesh Seth as New President and CEO

Jul 10, 2014

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Sep 13, 2010

A-1 Specialized Receives Asian American Business Award

May 27, 2010

Platinum Market Review - May 2010

May 14, 2010

A-1 Sponsors New Exhibition at Peabody Museum at Yale University

Mar 25, 2010

Platinum Market Review - January 2010

Jan 18, 2010

CNN SkyRadio Airport Network Video

Sep 30, 2009

Platinum Market Review - September 2009

Sep 11, 2009

SkyRadio Interview by Ashok Kumar, June 2009

Jun 11, 2009

Presented here is Ashok Kumar's June 2009 interview to CNN SkyRadio explaining the importance of recycling in the PGM industry and the role of A-1 as the world's largest recycler of salvage automotive converters.

Platinum Market Review - May 2009

May 12, 2009

Platinum Market Review - January 2009

Jan 27, 2009

Ready and Waiting - Recycling Today

Jan 26, 2009

Platinum Market Review - September 2008

Oct 06, 2008

Recycling Today Article - Elemental Analysis - June 2008

Jun 27, 2008

Platinum Market Review - May 2008

May 16, 2008

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Feb 05, 2008

Platinum Market Review - September 2007

Sep 21, 2007

The Growing Importance of Recycling - British Metals Recycling Association Yearbook - April 2007

Jul 10, 2007

An Open Letter to the Scrap Industry - Ashok Kumar

The Need for Autocatalyst Recycling: Economic Fundamentals

Jun 22, 2007

Article on fundamentals of automotive recycling, published by the New York Mercantile Exchange in its Spring 2007 magazine, @ The Market.

Platinum Market Review - May 2007

May 10, 2007

Continued strong economic growth in developing countries to sustain increases in global vehicle production, offsetting lackluster sales in Western markets, while a resumption of full production at Lonmin, the steady flow of exports from Russia and mine expansions in SA should act to reduce price volatility in markets in second half of 2007.

Positive Outlook - Recycling Today

Apr 30, 2007

Smooth Road Ahead - Recycling Today

Apr 30, 2007

A-1 Platinum Market Review - January 2007

Jan 30, 2007

For most of the next five to seven year period, palladium from recycled converters is expected to continue to grow at a faster pace than that of platinum or rhodium. At some point following that time, however, the immense above ground stocks of platinum currently stored in diesel converters will start to become available for recycling and the proportion of recovered platinum should then enter a period of significant growth.

USGS Platinum Group Metals - World Supply and Demand - January 2007

Jan 30, 2007

Platinum Market Review - September 2006

Sep 22, 2006

The anticipated rise in the supply of platinum and the possibility of a slowing in the rate of growth in the world's biggest economies could keep pressure on the precious metals prices, and without the return of speculative and investment interest, the market could have difficulty in recording new highs.

A-1 Specialized Receives ISO Re-Certification

Sep 19, 2006

The Industrial Platinum Cycle for Russia - Yale University Study

Jul 03, 2006

Treasure Trove - A Golden Era for Precious Metals - Recycling Today, June 2006

Jun 13, 2006

Ashok Kumar discusses the importance of a growing recycling market for platinum, palladium and rhodium, and the secular bull market in commodities over the past several years.

A-1 Platinum Market Review - May 2006

May 11, 2006

A steadily increasing demand for platinum continues to flow from the automotive sector, specifically from the rising consumption of metal for the manufacture of converters for the European diesel market. In reaction to sharply higher oil prices over the past year, up by some 50%, manufacturers are expected to increase production and sales of diesel-powered cars for the US market in order to satisfy demand for improved gas mileage and to meet higher fuel efficiency standards as mandated by government regulations. The application of more onerous environmental requirements will affect diesel trucks in coming years, increasing further the demand for platinum.

The Recycling Solution: An Open Letter to the Scrap Industry - British Metals Recycling

Apr 28, 2006

The recycling of salvage autocats is not only an essential solution to a growing market shortfall in the available supply of PGMs and its consequent price escalation, it also performs a critically important environmental function. Continuing gains in recycling efficiencies will effectively make the platinum, palladium and rhodium required in emissions control renewable resources.

Rev Your Engines - Recycling Today, March 2006

Mar 29, 2006

Ashok Kumar discusses demand growth prospects for PGMs and the expectation for higher prices.

A-1 Platinum Market Review - January 2006

Feb 02, 2006

PGM prices continue to benefit from solid automotive industry demand, resulting from rising worldwide car sales and more restrictive environmental regulations, and from increased speculative interest. Soaring prices for platinum, palladium and rhodium are expected to continue to move higher in 2006 in spite of the forecast for an expansion in both primary and secondary supplies.

A-1 Sponsors GFMS Metals Consulting PGM Survey, Chinese Edition

Oct 21, 2005

GFMS has launched its Chinese language version of its Platinum & Palladium Survey 2005. A-1 Specialized Services was a sponsor of the new edition of GFMS' annual survey of PGM markets.

A-1 Platinum Market Review - September 2005

Sep 26, 2005

The price of platinum continues to benefit from solid US auto sales, growing demand for diesel-powered cars in Europe, increased requirements from the expansion of capacity in glass manufacture, and now the potential for increased offtake of metal to satisfy the need from the US refining industry. Solid demand from several sectors has enabled the trading range of platinum to shift northward in recent months. The average price of platinum in 2005 thus far has been $874, with consistent support at $840 to $850 an ounce. In recent months that area of support may have risen to $880 an ounce, as the metal continues to trend higher.

Spring Forward - Recycling Today

Jun 23, 2005

Ashok Kumar, Director of A-1 Specialized Services, believes that catalyst manufacturers have had an increasingly strong incentive to switch to a higher concentration of palladium, as the price of the metal has now fallen to less than one-fourth the price of platinum...with the steady increase in new supplies from underground sources and from the growth in recycling.

International Trading Supplement: Shrinking World - Recycling Today

Jun 22, 2005

Ashok Kumar discusses general demand characteristics of Indian and Chinese markets.

The Importance of Recycling - British Metals Recycling

May 24, 2005

Platinum, palladium and rhodium recycling is good economics. It is conservation. It is a friend to the environment. It will be needed for a better life for everyone, throughout the world.

A-1 Platinum Market Review - April 2005

May 10, 2005

The combination of a greater number of available scrapped autos, more encompassing environmental regulations and improved recycling efficiencies should enable continued growth in the secondary supply of PGM's in the coming years. A-1 estimates that by the year 2010, amounts of available recycled platinum could rise to some 1.1 million ounces, while reclaimed rhodium could reach 220,000 ounces annually. Palladium should experience the fastest growth, rising to nearly 2 million ounces per annum by 2010.

India's Turn? - Recycling Today

Apr 19, 2005

Ashok Kumar, Director of A-1 Specialized Services, describes the Indian steel industry as headed for some excellent times ahead. Expansion is likely to come from a revival of domestic demand, with greater acceptance of Indian steel by the domestic automobile, components and consumer goods industries. Steelmaking capacity in India is projected to expand rapidly throughout the next decade, from its current 35 million tons up to some 90 million tons per year. India is one of the worlds largest iron ore producers. In addition, Indian steel producers are among the lowest cost producers in the world, providing a cushion against a fall in prices.

A-1 Platinum Market Review - September 2004

Sep 28, 2004

A broadening worldwide economic expansion has directly benefited platinum demand, particularly through increased consumption from the automotive sector,which now accounts for approximately half of annual supplies of the metal.

Tuned Up - Recycling Today

Jun 15, 2004

Ashok Kumar, director of A-1 Specialized Services & Supplies Inc., the Pennsylvania-based multi-national recycler that specializes in lot consolidation and dry processing of salvage converters, says 2004 will end with global recycled production of platinum at...

A-1 Specialized Receives ISO Certifications

Sep 05, 2003

A-1 Specialized Supplies and Services Inc., Croydon, Pa., has received two certifications from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), according to Ashok Kumar, a director of the catalytic converter recycling company.

Commodity Focus: Platinum-Gilded Rollercoaster

Jun 15, 2003

Those killer roller coasters at Six Flags are tame when compared to the precious metals markets. Soon recyclers will demand employees with rodeo experience able to ride a bucking bronco for any openings in the metals markets.

Platinum Market Review - May 2010

May 12, 2010


A Passage to India - Recycling Today

Apr 01, 2003

Ashok Kumar of A-1 Specialized Services & Supplies Inc., Croydon, Pa., says that freight from the U.S. to India is "very low," making export opportunities attractive. Kumar adds, "In two or three years, India may be a very, very strong market."

Platinum group crunch seen; auto use to put most of strain on rhodium supply - American Metal Market

Dec 26, 1985

In 1985, Charles Cunningham examined supply/demand fundamentals for rhodium and projected an escalating price for the metal to a high of $8,100 an ounce - not far from the actual record price reported in1990.

Platinum Market Review - May 2010

May 12, 2010